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IC PMF 2007

September 16-19, 2007


Fundamentals State of the Art and New Horizons

Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) will host the 5th International Conference on “Predictive Modelling in Foods in Athens, Greece.

International co-sponsors: KUL (Belgium), IFR (UK), ADRIA (France), University of Tasmania (AU).

The conference will take place in Athens, in Glyfada, a seaside, live suburb of Athens, close to Piraeus the port of Athens.

This Conference aims to bring together research and food industry scientists who are currently working on different aspects of modelling for simulation and optimisation of the quality and safety of foods and the productivity of processes.

All topics regarding predictive modelling, with emphasis but not exclusively in predictive microbiology, will be considered. Important recent trends include the growth/no growth interface, microbial interactions, food structure, quantitative risk assessment, food chain management and traceability, quantitative microbial ecology and physiology, modelling  and genomics.

Overall, the symposium is open to integrated modelling approaches combining models originating from food engineering and predictive microbiology.

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